Marwan Dabbagh

Happiness increases the more you spread it to others.



During the year 1885, the Turkish city of “Mardin” was the starting centre of the “Dabbagh family” in leather tanning, where it contributed to the development of this industry, transferring it from manual labour to modern production technology by establishing a factory for tanning leather in “Ushak” and leather products in “Istanbul”. The Dabbagh family became one of the region’s most influential pioneers in the leather industry.

From the Turkish Mardin to the Australian Melbourne, which is one of the most important centres for the export of leather and meat, and by the philosophy of expanding supply chains to reduce costs and reduce the selling price, the “Dabbagh Skins Trading” company and “Dabbagh Foods” company were launched, thus acquiring a share. It has become one of the leading exporters of Australian skins and meat to the world.

The supply chains expanded and included the food storage sectors. A cold storage company was established in Melbourne, which led to the actual contribution to supporting food security.

“Dabbagh Enterprises” Company was launched after studying the growing needs of the real estate market, and in response to this sector’s requirements, several successful real estate projects have been completed.

The Kingdom Pure Water Company was established to desalinate water in the Kingdom of Bahrain in response to the needs of the water sector in the Kingdom.

Relying on a long-standing legacy of the experiences of parents and grandparents, the quality of its services and products, and the mutual trust between its partners, the “Dabbagh Group” continues to adhere to the vision of its founder: “Happiness increases, the more you distribute it to others.”

It is the beginning of the path.

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dabbagh International Group
Marwan Dabbagh